HM International

HM International Holdings Limited is a leading business process outsourcing (“BPO”) services provider in Hong Kong. It delivers best-in-class BPO solutions, covering both financial printing and marketing collateral printing projects as well as value-added new media services, such as website design, video production, e-book and APP production and electronic marketing presentation material production. The aim of HM International Holdings Limited is to fulfill the transformation needs of its diversified clientele, which include corporations that are listed or seeking to list on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and multinational financial institutions such as fund houses and insurance companies.

We place our clients as our first priority, realizing the need to serve them with greater efficiency and effectiveness. We formed different entities to better fulfill our clients’ requests. HeterMedia is targeted for financial printing and all it entails, while HM Too is a focused solutions provider for content management.

As we provide comprehensive One-Stop Solutions to our clients, you can rest assured that we will handle your projects, either through HeterMedia or HM Too, without hassle. All you have to do is to contact either entity. Our sales professionals and client experience associates will direct you to the appropriate team that would best suit your requirements with a tailor-made solution.

Photo: Eddie Yu, Chairman

Move out of our comfort zone. We can only sustain a long term relationship with our clients when we keep on trying something new.

Eddie Yu


Our Mission

Our Mission is to deliver quality services and meet the ever-changing demands of our clients with CARE attitude:

Our greatest strength is our dedicated yet talented team, who enable us to deliver best-in-class products and services. We understand the importance of experience, trust, precision and security – they are our foundation in building lasting partnerships with our clients. We proactively reach out to our clients for feedback in order to exceed their expectations.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide all that our clients require to become leaders in their respective industries and by doing so, establish benchmarks as a leading provider of info-logistics solutions in Asia.

Service excellence in info-logistics is the core of everything we do. With cutting edge technology and responsive customer services, we consistently exceed our clients’ expectation with our unlimited creativity.

HM recognizes that none of this is possible without our most important asset – Our People. We provide ongoing training for continuous professional and personal development for all our employees. Teamwork allows us to utilize all the resources effectively and our teams are attentive to client experience, precise and efficient production, and quality assurance. As a whole, we are uncompromisingly dedicated to going above and beyond in offering services for our clients.

We never take the trust of our clients for granted. When it comes to data security and protection, HM always puts this as our top concern and therefore has taken further action to achieve the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification in 2018.

Information is a valuable asset that can make or break business

Security is not an option and should not be an afterthought. At HM, data security is everyone’s responsibility and the ISO 27001 framework has become the core of all our business activities. ISO 27001 is the international best practice standard for information security and it encompasses the three essential aspects of a comprehensive information security management system (ISMS): people, processes and technology.

Information Security is more than just IT

Security is all about people. Generally they are the weakest link in the organizational chain, yet they are also the first line of defense to the data protection. It boils down to having technical safeguards and control measures in place, while shoring up holes in defense with constant education, awareness trainings and situational drills to users.

ISO 27001 certification is a systematic approach with policies and procedures that include technical, legal and physical controls involved in an organization’s information risk management processes.

ISO 27001 certification is not a one-time activity

HM is committed to continual improvement which is in line with the ISO 27001 system and this iterative process is designed in driving us to maintain the strict standards. To be audited every year, this certification ensures we are operating the ISMS properly and that we are taking all the necessary precautions to protect our clients’ data.

To us it is more than just a certificate on the wall, it is a symbol of assurance and confidence for our customers and business partners.


HeterMedia specializes in integrated info-logistics services to ensure the right information reaches the right people at the right time.

We work with the highest standards and specifications set out by our regional and global clients and have decades of experience in meeting such standards with quality and consistency. Documents can be submitted for typesetting at any time, in any format. All our products and services are bespoke based on our client requirements.

Security and confidentiality are always the top priorities at HeterMedia. Access to our internal office is controlled by a centralized security system with surveillance cameras. All employees are required to renew their Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) on an annual basis. Access level to our clients’ sensitive information is strictly controlled, monitored and reviewed by authorized personnel.

Clients are more than welcome to visit and fully utilize our well-equipped, functional, and comfortable conference rooms within proximity to Hong Kong’s Central Business District and heart of the financial industry, especially during the crucial hours prior to final sign-off. Our facilities and staff are prepared for any ad-hoc on “last minute” request from clients.

If you’d like to fit in our culture and be successful in our company, you got to be Hetermedial!

Being a Hetermedian, you are a synergy of precision, creativity, reasoning, and intuition. Each team member contributes with their own strengths, and our people are our most important asset. We work together seamlessly to unleash infinite possibilities and harness their power for your results.

We are curious, positive, and unafraid to tackle seemingly-impossible challenges. We are professionals, but we are not necessarily formal in our relationships. We value laughter, great food, and above all, authentic human connection.

HM Too

HM Too is the comprehensive business process outsourcing/insourcing (BPO) arm of HM.

Here, we focus on all different aspects of BPO solutions including, but not limited to, business communication, commercial printing, creative services, IT solutions, document management, and language services. We work with a skilled combination of flexibility and resilience to provide unique solutions to help you succeed.

We understand the importance of experience, trust and security – it is our foundation for building long-term partnerships with you, our clients. HM Too seeks to anticipate your needs and provide tailor-made solutions to help you advance with a combination of creativity and both accuracy and precision. With experience and expertise garnered from HM’s rich history of quality and reliability, we deliver best-in-class services.

We are not simply “good”, nor are we “perfect”. Rather, we strive to be exceptional in everything we do.

Operation Flow

Our operation flow can be generally categorized into four stages, namely quotation stage, processing stage, printing stage and distribution stage. The following chart summarizes the general procedures undertaken by us: