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Make a clean and cozy place for the cats

Last Saturday, despite the bad weather with heavy rain, it didn’t stop our volunteer team from participating in the HK Saving Cat And Dog Association (HKSCDA) clean-up activity for cat shelter, and showing their love and care for the abandoned or injured cats.
During the visit, as soon as we entered the cat shelter, we were welcomed by several cat ambassadors who were very friendly and incredibly cute. Some of the cats we saw that day were rescued from breeding houses or have been abandoned due to illnesses such as kidney disease, leukemia, dry peritonitis, urinary tract infections, etc. Some of them were unable to walk, some were extremely thin, some were shaking due to injuries, some had mouth ulcers, some were blind, and there was even one who had a neck bone problem and had been tilting its head for a long time. There was also one cat with feline AIDS that was eagerly waiting for loving people to care for and adopt.
HKSCDA is a local non-profit organization that promotes the message of "supporting adoption is equal to saving lives". For many years, they have been committed to providing food, medical care, neutering, and adoption services for stray cats and dogs. In addition to actively rescuing the injured cats and dogs on the streets, they also accept small animals from breeding houses or those who have abandoned by fellow citizens, and do their best to find trustworthy owners for them. As the adoption work requires many people, they have relied on many enthusiastic volunteers over the years to help with fostering and home visits.

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