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Question the “throw-it-away” culture and consider the real cost of convenience

Talk of the town: Hong Kong will implement the first phase of regulations on disposable plastic tableware and other plastic products on April 22 this year. This includes prohibiting restaurants from providing or selling 9 types of disposable plastic tableware. 


All of us should make a change now for a plastic-free lifestyle. When everyone changes their daily habits a little bit and brings their own tableware, waste can be reduced at the source.


HM is committed to supporting eco-friendly initiatives and promoting the culture of BYOC (Bring Your Own Cutlery) by gifting the souvenir set to our clients and guests. 


More importantly, we believe that a good awareness of environmental protection and waste reduction should be cultivated from a younger age. Therefore, this month we have donated over two hundred sets of environmentally-friendly tableware and over six hundred food gift packs to the " Evangelical Free Church of China Social Service " for them to distribute to their affiliated schools and children centres, hoping to make a contribution to the earth and local society.


Remember: Use Your Own Utensils. Opt for no-cutlery and no-napkins. Say no to plastic straws.

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