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Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited

Client Obsession Week

Keeping employees happy and engaged is important to external marketing efforts as well

Client Background

Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited is a licensed bank incorporated in Hong Kong. Like all other banks, Citibank offers various types of bank accounts options, investment products, loans and credit cards to its clients.


Additionally, Citibank provides investment options in the form of bonds, mutual funds, insurance products, foreign currency trading and stock trading.



Project Summary

It is not the first time that we helped Citibank to organize activities for their internal staff and on every occasion we are committed to demonstrating the people-oriented culture as Citibank’s core value through various initiatives.


Have you imagined that the Citibank’s Management Team welcomes their staff at the office lobby early in the morning and presents cookies and deli-delights to cheer up their staff? This definitely fuels their day, in both spiritual and energy-boosting ways.   


Our scope of project management and execution:

l   Ideation: Cookie freebies

l   Photo props

l   Venue decoration

l   Distribution logistics


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