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Website Development

Creating a result-driven web design to achieve a better user experience


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Client Background

Flight Training Resources (FTR) provides professional and customized aviation training to aircrew in Hong Kong. The training centre started operations in 2018 and is part of the Flight Training Group alongside Flight Training Adelaide (FTA) and Flight Training Queensland (FTQ).

Its training philosophy is focused on raising the safety standards within corporate aviation, by offering a full range of services including initial and recurrent cabin safety training courses. 

Project Summary

With the aid of the booking function on the new website, the process can now be managed efficiently. Front-end users can easily check the class details with reference to clear marks on the digital calendar, whereas FTR at the backend can generate enrolment reports conveniently and approve applications through an automated system.


In order to build a professional and hospitable image for our client, we also arranged photo-shooting sessions to capture a lot of stunning pictures for the new website.


Careful thoughts can be illustrated by the graphic design on the page as well, with a common theme of aviation. 


We also edited the content based on the English draft from FTR and provided the Chinese translation service, to ensure consistency.

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