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Empowering the next generation: Fostering local talents through career planning initiatives

HM is committed to nurturing and recruiting HK local talents. Last month, we co-organized a career planning education program with TWGHs Mr & Mrs Kwong Sik Kwan College to help students gain early exposure to society and guide them in setting their career goals.


Video Highlight:


A total of 28 secondary school students participated in this program. In the earlier sessions, professional instructors taught them skills in website design and development, as well as shared their experiences in giving presentations. Once the students mastered these skills, they formed groups to create their own website prototypes and conducted demonstrations to the target audience.


During the workshop, students were well-prepared. They spoke calmly and confidently about their website creation experiences. Their responses to questions were organized and clear, demonstrating their ability to apply the knowledge they had learned. It was truly impressive!


Of course, the students also showcased their youthful and energetic side. When chatting with them, we noticed their proactive approach in asking questions and their excitement to know more about the workplace culture. Their enthusiasm truly touched us.

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