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How To Make 3D Animated Explainer Videos?

2022 / 04 / 04

What are video explainers?

Video explainers are 1 to 3 minute clips that explain to customers your product, service or message with fun, easy-to-understand and engaging animations or motion infographics.  

We believe a great explainer video deserves a great mascot. They can bring life, narrate a video and be fully acted.

Let’s introduce the mascot that we newly developed for our client. Sunbeam is the HKUST MBA ambassador guiding students and candidates through their MBA journeys. He looks smart, professional, energetic, and most important of all, friendly and helpful in his portrayal. 

Sunbeam, when taking a closer look, you will notice its head shape with the traits of a sundial, resembling the symbolic icon of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). Sunbeam will be seen at different events and occasions. Therefore, we have designed him with several outfits, as if he is the close companion to the MBA students and candidates, giving a stronger sense of trust and authenticity.

These animated videos have huge potential for engaging people in effective learning, onboarding and much more. By shaping communications to your brand, you can incorporate your logo, colour palette, tone of voice and more. This trims your content and messaging into a nice, neat training suite.

How important is a brand mascot?

According to a survey by System1 Group, a British company, ads involving mascots are 37% more likely to increase the market share of the brand and bring 30% more profits. Let’s find out the reasons for this.

  1. Emotional Connection with the Brand
  2. Memorability and Virality
  3. Effective Communication

This explainer video does a good job of visualizing what could potentially be a dry topic – walking through a project from beginning to production and delivery.

Our brand’s fictional mascot, Hin Tsai, takes you on a trip around different specialty teams. His interaction with human characters adds depth and light enjoyment to the content delivery.  

The live-action video is the main aspect while animation is a complement. In some cases, the animations can be very elaborate, but in this case, all it needs is simplicity and clean design.

If you want to find how we can bring your content marketing to the next level with 3D animation, don’t be shy. We’re here to help.

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